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Episode 11: SignalR

by Rinat Abdullin on February 9, 2012

In this episode we interviewed David Fowler and Damian Edwards who have created a great project called SignalR. This project is a signaling (or messaging) library which can be used to establish long-running connections between the browser and web server.

Here’s the podcast: Distributed Podcast, Episode 11

Side note: This episode has been a long time coming.  We hope to be a little better about a recording schedule so we can keep the goodness coming.

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One Comment
  1. So good to see you guys back again.

    You mentioned Vector Clocks as if it was some really complicated brain bending thing. And then you proceeded to give the most concise and understandable definition of the idea that I’ve yet heard. Please do a show on Vector Clocks, and dispel some of the mystique around this concept. It’s quite powerful, and really not that complicated.

    I’ve built a system around the concept of Vector Clocks that I call Historical Modeling. I use this as the basis for my Correspondence collaboration framework. I have bindings to all of the .NET clients already, and I’m working on the Java client binding now. I’ll need to look into SignalR to see if I can leverage some of their work for the JavaScript client binding.

    Please keep up the conversation. This is good stuff.

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