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Episode 6: Interview with Jimmy Bogard

by joliver on April 12, 2011

In this episode we interview our first guest, Jimmy Bogard.  In this interview, we explore a number of different topics including NServiceBus, testing distributed systems, distributed transactions, and many others topics on computing in general.

MP3 Download: Distributed Podcast, Episode 6

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  1. I almost turned this off when you dove into a { style discussion around 6min in.

    Just like you have strong opinion about the placement of that {, I have strong opinion about devs who have strong opinions about style. IMO, if you care that much about style, you aren’t a very great dev.


    • To be honest it doesn’t *really* matter so long as it’s consistent throughout a project and company. It’s just a fun pet peeve to have and it’s fun to talk about because it’s so nit picky. =)

  2. Have you guys ever used a vector clock algorithm for partial ordering of messages? I usually use explicit prerequisites, but this algorithm seems to address concerns over message bloat. If the number of nodes is bounded, this algorithm really makes sense.

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