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Episode 10: /dev/random

by Rinat Abdullin on October 25, 2011

This episode was a fun one to record–everybody was busy traveling, learning and doing projects. So we just managed to sit down for a Skype call from different time zones and talk about really random stuff around the topic, from problems that we have, analogies that we use and tech that gets abused in the process.

Here’s the link to the podcast: Distributed Podcast, Episode 10

Please let us know what you think.

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  1. Fred D Dust permalink

    Hi there,
    Realy nice, funny, interesting and enlightening and with cool music!

  2. Caroline permalink


  3. Javalistic permalink

    Well, sorry but I think it is consensual, this is by far the best one yet! I’m not sure of what was the program about, but the song was great. And the secretary …

  4. Jon permalink

    Hi guys,

    It would be good to hear some real world examples of BCs, their aggregates, sagas, events and how they communicate. Also how you go about breaking up a business problem into BCs.

    Another question: how long does it take to rebuild your views? In our system it takes around 5-6 hrs to complete. Our event stream uses Msmq with DTC. The events have a fair bit of data and the denormalization rules are quite complex. They also map to many views.


    • I agree–an episode about that stuff would be a good one.

      To answer your question, when you rebuild your views, you can do so in a batch mode as part of a single transaction. Open a transaction, stream the events to your event handlers, then commit at the end.

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